The streets and public spaces of Hudson Square, the epicenter of New York City’s creative industries, will soon reflect the synergistic creativity that defines the businesses in the district.

The Hudson Square Connection has selected a team lead by Mathews Nielsen Landscape Architects to design streetscape improvements and transform the district’s public realm into a socially, economically and environmentally sustainable space.

“This is the right team to assist us in creating an identity for our district – an identity that will bring the creativity within our commercial buildings out onto the Hudson Square streets,” said Ellen Baer, President of the Hudson Square Connection.  “This talented group will design a vibrant streetscape that will include open spaces which encourage social interaction and staying activities in our public realm.  Our goal is to enhance the environment for retail opportunities while making a pedestrian friendly connection between Hudson Square and its neighboring districts.”

“The opportunity to re-imagine this great area of Manhattan is an urban planner’s dream,” said Signe Nielsen, Principal of Mathews Nielsen Landscape Architects.  “Hudson Square is a creative community that embraces innovation, and there are numerous opportunities in the district to create specific, catalytic streetscape improvements.  We look forward to working hand-in-hand with the Hudson Square Connection and to incorporating feedback from the community in order to make this process as organic and effective as possible.”

A request for proposals was issued this past July for the development of a comprehensive streetscape improvement plan for the Hudson Square neighborhood.  The Connection received responses from 23 highly qualified teams, totaling more than 100 companies, each with its own ideas for adding open space and greenery to the district, and for addressing traffic congestion.

After an extensive review and selection process, the Hudson Square Connection chose the Mathews Nielsen team to transform New York City’s creative hub. The Connection made the selection based on criteria such as a proven track record, excellent design work and a balance or local experience and global perspective.

The designated team is comprised of the following firms:

  • Mathews Nielsen Landscape Architects – Landscape architecture
  • Rogers Marvel Architects – Urban design
  • Billings Jackson Design – Industrial design
  • ARUP – Transportation planning and lighting design
  • Open – Graphic design
  • Mercator Land Surveying
  • VJ Associates – Cost estimating

Now that a consulting team has been designated, the planning process will start.  The Hudson Square Connection hopes to complete the vision and design framework by the summer of 2011.

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  • July 27, 2011

    'm glad to see that the Hudson Square Connection is working with the DOT on pedestrian safety. I would like to add a suggestion on this subject. The pedestrian crosswalk that crosses Canal Street at Greenwich Street has a very short walk light: approximately 8-10 seconds of the "Walk" light followed by 10-12 seconds of flashing "Do Not Walk". This, combined with the facts that, during rush hours, drivers typically block the crosswalk, and there is no traffic police stationed here, make for a very dangerous situation for parents with children in strollers (such as my wife and myself). I would like to suggest that the Hudson Square Connection work with DOT to make the walk light longer and the crosswalk safer for pedestrians. Thanks.


    • July 27, 2011

      Dear Tim, Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. I've forwarded your suggestion to the DOT and will follow up with them and NYPD. I would also urge you to contact her directly, call 311 or go to ->” traffic & accidents” to report (near) accidents. Thank you for your support of our efforts to improve pedestrian safety in Hudson Square. HSC


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