The Hudson Square Standard

Since fall of 2013, the Connection has planted and retrofitted almost 180 trees throughout the neighborhood with our unique design—the Hudson Square Standard (HSS). The HSS is a new way of planting trees that yields big environmental and health benefits. read more

Outdoor Spaces

The Hudson Square Connection is creating outdoor spaces where people can mix and mingle with coworkers and friends while enjoying the sights and sounds, and the food and drink the neighborhood has to offer. Whether you’re enjoying a leisurely lunch on a park bench, or jamming with headline bands at an after-work outdoor concert, Hudson Square is your place to relax and let the creative juices flow. learn more

Streetscape Maintenance

As part of our Hudson Square Is Now streetscape improvement plan, we have installed trees, permeable pavement, benches, and bike racks, while also creating temporary open space at Freeman Plaza. As of August 2014 we have begun our maintenance of these neighborhood investments. read more