Yarnscape is a large, ongoing project that will temporarily beautify the space, and create a new view in one of our popular seasonal plazas – Freeman Plaza West (on Hudson between Watts + Broome Streets). Imagine the fence that is adjacent to the traffic entering the queue; right now people see cars. Now imagine different colors of yarn are loosely weaved through the fence; slowly the image transforms from cars to a random array of colors and patterns. What was once traffic is now a collaborative and communal piece of art.

Yarnscape is a fun and easy team building opportunity for your full time and summer interns. It is an opportunity for teams as small as 5 people and as large as 20 to come for a minimum of 30 minutes (max 60) and change the view of the fence for themselves and their neighbors.

The Hudson Square Connection is extremely excited to collaborate on Yarnscape with the much-loved local business, Purl Soho. Founded in 2002, Purl Soho brings a fresh approach to traditional fiber arts and is a renowned resource for natural fibers, high quality supplies and modern design. Like Hudson Square, Purl Soho celebrates creativity and is a wonderful place to take classes, exchange ideas and get inspired!

Purl Soho is a proud sponsor and is especially happy to donate its new Cotton Pure yarn to the project. One hundred percent un-mercerized Pima cotton, the yarn is soft, simple, unadulterated and beautiful! The Hudson Square Connection thanks Purl Soho for their generosity and commitment to community!

Yarnscape will run from July 10 – July 28th.
Email us to learn more about the program or to reserve your spot now.

Freeman Plaza West
Freeman Plaza West
Yarnscape – redefine your view
July 10 - 28, 2017