2018 Katchkie Farm CSA

Katchkie Farm is a certified organic vegetable farm in Kinderhook, New York. Katchkie produce comes to New Yorkers through our CSA program, making deliveries around the city for 10 years. From the field to you in 24 hours– enjoy the best of the season’s bounty!

What’s a “CSA?”

Community Supported Agriculture, or CSA, is a direct link between the farmer and the consumer in order to “invest” in small, local farms. Members sign up for a “share” before the start of the season and pay up front so the farmer has an advance in capital before the very busy growing season. In return, during the growing season, the farm delivers “shares” of the harvest to their “investors.”

What’s in the share?

Katchkie’s one-size CSA share contains 6-8 types of vegetables per delivery. Vegetable varieties vary from week to week, depending on the harvest season.

*An example of an early-season share may be: basil; arugula; summer squash; zucchini; broccoli; pea shoots; bok choy

*An example of a mid-season share may be: bell peppers; tomatoes; green beans; lettuce; cabbage; green onions; cilantro; cucumbers

*An example of a late-season share may be: butternut squash; carrots; kale; leeks; beets; garlic; parsley; celery root

5 Reasons to Choose Katchkie’s CSA…

1. Certified organic by the Northeast Organic Farming Association

Organic standards address factors such as soil quality, pest and weed control, use of input materials, and humane treatment of livestock.

2. Reliable and established

We have been delivering CSA shares to New Yorkers for 10 years!

3. Convenient

Four different public pick-ups around the city! Plus, our CSA shares come in easy to carry, recyclable plastic bags.

4. Go local

Support local agriculture! Katchkie Farm is located just over 100 miles north of Manhattan, in the town of Kinderhook.

5. Prepared food share

In addition to amazing add-on shares such as fruit and honey, Katchkie offers a “prepared food share.” This monthly add-on, made by the chefs at Great Performances, utilizes seasonal Katchkie produce to create unique vegetarian dishes!


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