The Hudson Square neighborhood is home to the Holland Tunnel and some of the most congested streets in New York City. The Hudson Square Connection is working to help make sure that Hudson Square is a place for the people who work, live, and visit here – not just for cars passing through on their way to New Jersey. Tunnels and bridges that move cars on and off the island of Manhattan aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. But we’re the first neighborhood to come up with a program primarily focused on pedestrians and bicyclists.

Pedestrian Traffic Managers (PTMs)

Pedestrian Traffic Managers (PTMs) are placed along Varick Street between West Houston and Spring Streets with the explicit purpose of helping pedestrians and cyclists safely cross Varick Street when Holland Tunnel-bound traffic is at its worst during the PM rush. read more

Pedestrian Plazas

Traffic conditions at the mouth of the Holland Tunnel are especially hostile to pedestrians. A joint effort of the community, city and Port Authority led by the BID, resulted in the installation of multiple pedestrian plazas at Varick and Hudson Streets in 2012. These plazas with greenery not only beautify the streets, but also protect pedestrians, create connections and add much needed public space.

Wayfinding Signage

Need help finding your way through the neighborhood? Wayfinding signage is located throughout the neighborhood to let you know where you’re at, and how to get where you’re going.

Lane Striping

Pedestrian safety is our top priority. In 2010 we worked with the community to identify easy to fix safety issues. As a result, the lanes were restriped to better manage tunnel-bound traffic on Varick Street. In addition, new signage was installed, signal time was adjusted and countdown signals were installed, stop bars were moved and high visibility crosswalks painted and a new crosswalk was installed at Watts Street.

Crosswalk Countdown Signals

Is there enough time to cross the street safely or not? Crossing the street doesn’t need to be a guessing game. Pedestrian countdown signals were installed in 2011 at Varick Street to help pedestrians safely cross intersections. Countdown signals are effective at helping pedestrians avoid getting caught in the middle of a crosswalk when the signal changes, particularly at a wider street with heavy traffic such as Varick Street.