Take advantage of this promotion for Hudson Square employees! Give a gift to family or friends and sign up for CMA classes before the holiday. Take a look at our expanded selection of classes below, but don’t wait too long, our holiday discount of 10% starts now and goes until December 22nd!

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Winter Art Colony

During winter school vacation days, children can harness their creativity in immersive, hands-on arts camps offered all day at the museum. Led by CMA’s Teaching Artists, camps introduce a range of art-making techniques and mediums, from animation, to painting, to sculpture, to 3D printing, and so much more! You can rest assured your child is in a supervised, creative environment, and they get to spend the day making art and new friends. It’s a win-win.

Classes run from 10 AM – 4 PM. CMA understands your need for a convenient schedule that fits into your workday, that’s why drop-off time between 9 – 10 AM and pick-up time between 4 – 5 PM is included.

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WEE 2018

CMA’s WEE Arts Studio provides a dedicated, specially designed, safe art and play studio for children who are mobile (around 1) to 5. Our special art stations and early learning professionals, all of whom are artists, nurture your child’s creativity, curiosity and developmental growth through a range of stimulating activities. Your children will explore and grow at their own pace, building confidence, vocabulary, gross and fine motor skills, and making new friends while having loads of fun! These small weekly classes allow you to get to know other families, fostering a sense of community. Each class is developmentally appropriate for the age indicated.

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Spring 2018 After School

Extend learning beyond the classroom during the school year with CMA’s after school art classes. Through a weekly, immersive arts class, children develop a portfolio of work over the course of a semester that explores a range of materials and art-making techniques. Our Teaching Artists help your child refine their art techniques, develop their own artistic voice, and build their critical thinking skills. CMA’s After School program is both a fun and educational way to unwind after the school day.

CMA is dedicated to putting the Art in S.T.E.M.! Find classes with a S.T.E.A.M. based curriculum.

CMA is able to provide pick up from PS 41, PS 3, PS 234, PS 150, & LREI for a fee of $135.

For more information please contact Ashley Bass at abass@cmany.org

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