A rendering of the park on Spring Street and Sixth Avenue, one part of the award-winning streetscape plan Hudson Square is Now.

Spring Street Park – the open space on Spring Street and Sixth Avenue has remained untouched since it was built in the 1970s.  The Connection has entered into a partnership with the city to transform the park into an inviting, sustainable space.  The design will create a space with more trees, seating and lighting for people to enjoy all year round.

Construction began winter 2017 with a 2018 completion date.  HSC will update this site with construction milestones as they become available.  Please email us if you have any questions during this time.

Key Milestones:


  • April 28 – Statue of Uruguay’s General Artigas removed for cleaning, restoration + storage for remainder of construction
  • April 18 – official groundbreaking event held
  • March –  site closed to the public as work began

HSC obtained financing and final approvals required to green light our redesign of Spring Street Park

Public Design Commission approved the design of the space.  This design incorporated suggestions from community input process that began in June 2015.  The design includes:

  • Increases the site’s permeable surface from 7.5% to 35% and, in turn, increases the site’s ability to capture storm water from 7.5% up to 87%– critical to relieving the City’s overburdened sewer system and mitigating flooding in the area.
  • Increases the number of healthy trees on the site from 36 to 42. The trees along Sixth Avenue and Spring Street will be planted or retrofitted using the Hudson Square Standard (HSS) – an advance in urban forestry that increases storm water capture and vastly improves tree health. This regimen includes expanded tree pits, tree guards, and permeable pavement over structural soil.
  • Features distinctive, energy-efficient lighting that will provide a safe, inviting atmosphere during the day and night.
  • Adds 120 moveable chairs, 29 moveable tables, 24 benches, and 21 swivel chairs to the park.
  • Includes a water fountain and 4 solar-powered compactors for waste and recycling.

Our New Park

Our New Park