Pedestrian Traffic Manager at the corner of Spring + Varick

Ever try crossing Varick Street after work as you head to the subway? For 3-4 hours every day, cars headed to the Holland Tunnel crowd our streets, making it difficult to get around. With some 50,000 people a day coming and going from Hudson Square, the Hudson Square Connection is now giving pedestrians walking on some of the most traffic-congested streets in Manhattan a fighting chance!

As part of our ongoing effort to strike a balance between locals and Jersey-bound commuters, the Connection hired Sam Schwartz Engineering’s Pedestrian & Traffic Managers (PTMs) to supplement City Traffic Enforcement Agents and ensure that our pedestrians have safe, open crosswalks on Varick Street. After a six month pilot program, we concluded the PTMs help pedestrians and local traffic safely cross Varick Street when Holland Tunnel bound traffic is at its worst – during the PM rush.

In February 2012, the PTMs became a part of life in Hudson Square.


PTM program at a glance

What are they doing?

  • Making our streets safer and easier to cross
  • Preventing motorists from blocking the box
  • Creating a better pedestrian experience
  • Helping to reduce honking

Generally the PTMs are on the street:
Wednesday – Friday, 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Where are the PTMs?
Varick Street between Spring and Houston Streets

Results so far:

  • Blocked crosswalks decreased by an average of 43%
  • Blocked intersections decreased by an average of 61%
  • Number of honks decreased by an average of 53%
Pedestrian Management is a program of the Hudson Square Connection. You can contact the Connection with questions or concerns.Learn more about our PTMs by reading our booklet, Hudson Square is going places.Pedestrian Management Services are provided to the Hudson Square Connection by:

Sam Schwartz Pedestrian Traffic Management Services, Inc.
322 Eight Avenue, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10001
(212) 598-9010