BID Programs

We are the voice of the neighborhood. Our mission is to propel, support, and celebrate this great neighborhood for what it is – one of the most energizing locations in the world’s most exciting city. We do this through our programs which create and enhance the pedestrian environment, promote sustainability, mitigate traffic conditions and improve the quality of life for people in this neighborhood.

Public ImprovementsPublic Improvements
Traffic & Pedestrian SafetyTraffic & Pedestrian SafetyThe Hudson Square neighborhood is home to the Holland Tunnel […]
MaintenanceMaintenanceAs part of our Hudson Square Is Now streetscape improvement plan, we have installed nearly 60 trees, 3,000 square feet of permeable pavement, 11 benches, over 35 bike racks.
Proposed BID ExpansionProposed BID ExpansionExpanding the BID boundaries will knit together the entire neighborhood, include a broader area for services, and allow us to promote a clear neighborhood identity.