Traffic & Pedestrian Safety

The Hudson Square neighborhood is home to the Holland Tunnel and some of the most congested streets in New York City. The Hudson Square BID is working to help make sure that Hudson Square is a place for the people who work, live, and visit here – not just for cars passing through on their way to New Jersey. Tunnels and bridges that move cars on and off the island of Manhattan aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. But we’re the first neighborhood to come up with a program primarily focused on pedestrians and bicyclists.

Pedestrian Safety Managers (PSMs)In Hudson Square, the Holland Tunnel is simply a part of life. The BID’s hope is to make this important regional transportation facility a background […]
Potential Impact of Congestion Pricing & Tolling Schemes on Traffic Conditions in Hudson SquareLinks and resources: To read the BID’s full study, click here. To view the BID’s Press Release, click here. Check out our exclusive article on […]
Pedestrian PlazasTraffic conditions at the mouth of the Holland Tunnel are especially hostile to pedestrians. A joint effort of the community, city and Port Authority led […]View
Wayfinding SignageNeed help finding your way through the neighborhood? Wayfinding signage is located throughout the neighborhood to let you know where you’re at, and how to […]View
Safety ImprovementsLane Striping Pedestrian safety is our top priority. In 2010 we worked with the community to identify easy to fix safety issues. As a result, […]View