Pedestrian Safety Managers (PSMs)

Pedestrian Safety Manager at the corner of Spring + Varick 

In Hudson Square, the Holland Tunnel is simply a part of life. The BID’s hope is to make this important regional transportation facility a background condition and not the defining characteristic of the neighborhood. As part of our effort to strike a balance between locals and Jersey-bound commuters, the BID deploys PSMs, Pedestrian Safety Managers, to supplement City Traffic Enforcement Agents and ensure that our pedestrians have safe, open crosswalks on Varick Street. The PSMs help reduce the frequency of blocked intersections and crosswalks by 45% and decrease horn honks by 36%.

Due to Covid-19, the PSM program has been temporarily suspended since March 2020.  In normal times, our PSMs work 5 days a week with extended and more personnel for targeted deployment on high traffic days, such as long weekends and holidays. Our PSMs have 15 years minimum of law enforcement experience, flagger certification by the American Traffic Safety Services Association (“ATSSA”) and successful completion of SSPTMS’s certified training course for pedestrian traffic managers.”

Pedestrian Management is a program of the Hudson Square Business Improvement District. You can contact the BID with questions or concerns.

Hudson Square

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