Cross Walk Striping 
Count down crosswalk signal 

Lane Striping

Pedestrian safety is our top priority. In 2010 we worked with the community to identify easy to fix safety issues. As a result, the lanes were restriped to better manage tunnel-bound traffic on Varick Street. In addition, new signage was installed, signal time was adjusted and countdown signals were installed, stop bars were moved and high visibility crosswalks painted and a new crosswalk was installed at Watts Street.

Crosswalk Countdown Signals

Is there enough time to cross the street safely or not? Crossing the street doesn’t need to be a guessing game. Pedestrian countdown signals were installed in 2011 at Varick Street to help pedestrians safely cross intersections. Countdown signals are effective at helping pedestrians avoid getting caught in the middle of a crosswalk when the signal changes, particularly at a wider street with heavy traffic such as Varick Street.

Hudson Square

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