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We’re a group of Business Development and Sales Executives laser focused on results. We’ve built, managed, and sold companies across several industries- we know sales. We believe that your best closers should be focused on one thing: getting deals done. Our sales philosophy is that a great closer is not a great prospector. Your top Account Executives are at their best while pitching engaged prospects, entertaining them in person, and expanding your brand’s presence at conferences and industry events. SalesFlow Inc. feeds that fire rather than extinguishing it. We believe that the fastest way to kill your team’s momentum is by burdening them with non-commissionable, detail driven, and often times monotonous work. We keep your team working on live deals and opportunities all day. We shield them from list building, prospecting, cold calling, cold email outreach, pitch/template creation & testing, and lead qualification. We only engage pre-approved deals that align with your strategy, meaning you’ll never worry about the quality of your team’s pipeline. Our partners increase closed deals by 40%. Bottom line, sales teams love our deal flow.

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