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Nonna Beppa

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290 Hudson Street

Nonna Beppa is Chef Wendy’s second Regional Italian restaurant in the US.

The majority of the ingredients at Nonna Beppa are imported from Italy, cured meats, cheese, and many other specialties such as Aceto Balsamico di Modena, are only a few of the products that the Emilia Romagna region is known for.

Nonna Beppa is more than just a restaurant, it's the fusion between passion and love for food, allowing you to take part of a unique culinary experience, in a convivial atmosphere.

Our "Sfoglina" makes homemade pasta every day, and upon request she can personalize the stuffing of your Ravioli or any pasta you'd like to try. Moreover Chef Wendy Cacciatori gives you the possibility to have Nonna Beppa at your own house or event, offering catering and private chef services.

Hudson Square

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