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Founded by Harvard MBAs, Jennifer Hyman and Jennifer Fleiss, Rent the Runway is the premier online destination for dress and accessory rentals. With a revolving roster of over 120 top designers, 15,000 of the season’s hottest dresses, and 4,000 accessories, Rent the Runway is designer fashion delivered to your doorstep for a fraction of the price. For all of life’s special occasions, Rent the Runway provides the Cinderella experience for women everywhere. Since launch, Rent the Runway provides a platform for our 700,000 members to rent luxury brand dresses and accessories for 90% off retail prices. Our members are invited to browse through current season inventory, select a dress they;d love to try for a 4-day or 8-day rental, choose the date they’d like it to arrive, and we will ship it to them in two sizes to ensure as perfect fit.