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350 Hudson Street

Founder Kevin Takarada opened MakiMaki’s first shop (Central Park South) in 2017, after realizing that Midtown — where he built an accomplished career in engineering and finance — was missing an affordable and speedy option for quality sushi rolls. The shop immediately grew a loyal following, and Kevin launched the brand’s second location (Grand Central) in 2019. As the son of a Miami restaurateur who opened many concepts including the legendary Toni’s — the first sushi bar in South Beach that is still a favorite today — Kevin grew up with hospitality in his genes. With MakiMaki, he merges his restaurant industry roots with his mechanical engineering expertise to bring premium sushi made with state-of-the-art robotics — pioneering a delicious and convenient new fast-casual model.

Come find out how we can make that possible.

Hudson Square

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