Bar Strega

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If you’ve been to WXOU, Tile Bar, The Magician, or the iconic Brooklyn Inn, you’re familiar with Bar Strega’s operator, Jason Furlani, who has been a stalwart in the NYC bar scene since 1995. Here, he teams up with the visionary culinary stylings of Mark Ferruccio, who made his bones during the pandemic with Troppo Stretto at Dutch Kills, and later with his Roman-style pizza shop Fuccio in DUMBO.

Jason and Mark come from the mindset that regulars are cultivated, and appreciated, and a clean bar with a friendly staff is the gold standard. Bar Strega promises to be an elevated neighborhood bar experience that feels like an extension of your living room, where good company, cold beverages, and incredible sandwiches are yours when you need them. 

Hudson Square

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