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307 Spring Street
(212) 352-2269

B 2001AD. Giorgione was born after a lengthy process of elimination. First I viewed the raw, very raw, space and grasped its retail potential. Somewhat naturally I saw a beautiful green grocer, but reality and neighborhood rent numbers came into focus. Too much rent too little foot traffic!

Wood oven pizza was my next pick… that was soon laid to rest on the anvil of reality and superseded by a full service Italian restaurant, pizza and all. The raw bar and wood fire place came later still.

Giorgione was created to provide a simple restorative or casual celebratory experience for the locals including myself. Friends of friends soon found their way.

The menu tries to be authentically Italian as I understand Italian food to be (my father was an Italian food broker as I was growing up). It is underpinned with high quality ingredients and time tested, labor intensive techniques… Cucina Italiana Verità.

Enjoy the fire place, sip your prosecco and contemplate the delicious fare in a neighborhood friendly restaurant… Giorgione.

Buon Divertimento, Buon Appetito,

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