HudsonScare 2023

Hudson Scare 2023

Our favorite time of year is upon us – Spooky Season! The whole neighborhood gets playful and lets their creativity flow – with costume contests, seasonal concoctions, and the return of our annual spooky cocktail contest Hudson Square becomes Hudson Scare….

Happy Halloween!

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Spooky Cocktails

From eerie, to enchanting, see the different potions our local establishments have been concocting. Follow our IG and vote for your favorite cocktail!
Adoro Lei: "Bloody Mojito"Adoro Lei: "Bloody Mojito"Rum, hibiscus lime and mint with cinnamon and cardamom make for a macabre mixture with a kick that will satiate any vampire (or one pretending to be for the spooky season!)View
Azul/ Bar Hugo: "La Flor de Muerto"Azul/ Bar Hugo: "La Flor de Muerto"Enjoy Dia de los Muertos with La Flor de Muerto - a cocktail made with Codigo 1530 Blanco, blood orange puree, Cointreau noir, lime-jalapeno shrub.View
El Takoy at The Dominick Hotel: "Honey & Hellfire"El Takoy at The Dominick Hotel: "Honey & Hellfire"Dare to be spellbound by The Dominick’s "Honey & Hellfire" Halloween cocktail served at El Ta’Koy. Crafted with vodka, honey, cream, and a dash of coffee liquor, it’s a wickedly smooth concoction that’ll send shivers down your spine. As you sip this seductive elixir, you’ll experience the sweet and fiery dance of flavors that defines Halloween in every sip. Sip if you dare, and let the night take flight. Honey & Hellfire features vodka, honey, half & half + coffee liquor.View
Lazy Point: "Nightmare on Spring St."Lazy Point: "Nightmare on Spring St."Everyone needs to stay awake or you will die in your dreams by good ole Freddy Krueger. So this take on an espresso martini will keep you up and ready to party all night long.
Nightmare on Spring St. espresso martini is a solid white espresso martini with vodka, coconut milk, cinnamon bark syrup, coffee beans and lemon zest.
Lindens: "Sinister Smoke Show!"Lindens: "Sinister Smoke Show!"Beware the Sinister Smoke Show! This bourbon cocktail is haunted with spectral smoke and forbidden delights. Made with bourbon, rum, apple and cinnamon, the Sinister Smoke Show is encased in a cloche to contain its ghostly smoke. Once freed, the drink is a spooky sipper, perfect for Halloween and beyond! This spooky cocktail features bourbon, rum, apple and cinnamon.View
Maman King: "Harvest Moon"Maman King: "Harvest Moon"Calling all werewolves: Maman’s hallo-tactic harvest moon cocktail will have you howling with delight. Featuring fresh apple cider, spiced pear liqueur, sparkling wine & other seasonal additions, this cocktail is a favorite of witches & ghouls alike. {cauldrons are optional}View
SOB’s: "Killer Butterfly"SOB’s: "Killer Butterfly"Witch’s Potion - A dash of Butterfly Pea Tea gives our perfectly potent classic margarita a spooky twist!
Margarita topped with butterfly pea tea.
Torch & Crown - "The Black Jack"Torch & Crown - "The Black Jack"This is the Pumpkin King in a glass, his pin striped suit (Black Tie), pumpkin spice, Jack Daniels to pay homage to his name, a little bit of the coffee he drank while tirelessly plotting to steal Christmas in his lab, and egg white nodding to the accidental theft of the Easter bunny. The name even nods a little to Mr. Boogie man, the gambler Jack had to defeat to save Christmas. Garnished with a dehydrated flower, for Sally, who’s concoctions fueled Jack through is experiments and whose visions of Christmas doom appeared to her via a dried flower. View
Westville Hudson Street: "Red Wedding"Westville Hudson Street: "Red Wedding"It’s a sweet start with a stab of tart at the end. The Red Wedding features chartreuse, St. Germaine, dry vermouth, lemon topped with prosecco.View

Seasonal Concoctions

Lattes, cider, and cookies (oh my!) Check the other seasonal specialties around the neighborhood to celebrate the Halloween season
Houseman: CiderHouseman: CiderThis October Houseman is celebrating with a hot cider drink. You can now enjoy this on weekend brunch and Friday lunch (in addition to regular dinner service).View
Lazy Point: "Goodnight Palmer"Lazy Point: "Goodnight Palmer"Goodnight Palmer- Fall Lemonade ( lemonade made with Cinnamon and Lavender )
Topped with Cold Brew Bourbon Tea.
Gregorys Coffee: The Jolly Jack-O™Gregorys Coffee: The Jolly Jack-O™Their latest partnership with VeeFriends brings you this spicy and jolly drink. With house-made chai combined with house-made pumpkin sauce and your choice of milk. Only available for the month of October.
Seven Grams Caffe: Chai Snickerdoodle CookieSeven Grams Caffe: Chai Snickerdoodle CookieA limited-edition handmade cookie that delivers a fun, autumn-perfect, intoxicatingly fragrant twist on a classic cookie. This modern rendition of a Snickerdoodle is a mega cookie bursting with cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, and that delicate spicy kick of ground ginger and white pepper. It is laced with walnuts for added texture, and coated with an addictive sugar-cinnamon combo.View
La Colombe: Pumpkin Spice LattesLa Colombe: Pumpkin Spice LattesWell-crafted with foamy oatmilk or dairy milk, cold brew and real pumpkin, these PSL are a delicious treat that will carry you from summer to fall. Best enjoyed chilled!View
LindensLindensBaked in savory puff pastry with proscitto and cranberry vinaigrette, homage to autums wonderful bounty.View
Maman: Maple French Toast LatteMaman: Maple French Toast LatteHints of vanilla bean, nutmeg, cinnamon, buttery maple syrup & sea salt; paired with Parlor’s merci espresso & milk of choice.View
Pine & Polk: Pumpkin Crunch Latte Ice Cream by Sundae FundaePine & Polk: Pumpkin Crunch Latte Ice Cream by Sundae FundaeA blend of crunchy and savory pumpkin cookie bits. View
Torch & Crown: Transverse Autumn AleTorch & Crown: Transverse Autumn AlePerfectly balanced amber ale, with light pine, caramel, and toast wrapped up with a refreshing, layered malt character and dry, easy finish.View
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