A Life Behind Bars at The Loft – 4/1


April 1, 2019


Tickets will be $20 Day of Show

“A Life Behind Bars” is an award-winning, hilarious and seedy tour-de-force roller coaster ride of after-hour whiskey shots, horror films and rock and roll.  Dan Ruth shares dark, comic monologues, interwoven with characters hes encountered while working and drinking in the bars and dives of pre-gentrified New York City.  From a city health inspector, to a Brooklyn “new money” hipster, to a Hell’s Kitchen-Andrew Lloyd Webber-loving piano bar denizen, to his own alcoholic celebration and fall, “A Life Behind Bars” shines with an incredible light on over two decades of tending bar in New York City with an incredible message of survival.
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“Drawing from years of tending bar in Big Apple watering holes, Ruth transforms himself into 18 bleary bar denizens, one of whom is Ruth himself, bar towel on shoulder and standing squarely at the center of this whirling, boozy world.  An actor of immense talent…profane, captivating and masterful.” Richmond Times Dispatch
Hudson Square

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