COMMUNION: Experimental Video Art Duets

June 3 - 5, 2021 - 2pm-7pm

Communion is an an ongoing dance series with new duets shared every Friday on HERE’s Facebook and Instagram pages. HERE is thrilled to announce that starting June 3rd, you can experience Communion as a video installation in person.

Communion is an experimental video art response to the isolation and uncertainty we are all facing as artists and humans in the wake of the Covid-19 crisis. Because dancers can no longer breathe together, touch, or share the experience of movement within the physical studio, Communion invites 40 dancers, separated by physical distance and the pandemic, into a digital space to commune together.

Each unique duet is created from videos by two different dancers who are separated by cities, countries, and sometimes continents. Artist Janessa Clark combines these videos to create virtual duets which is set to music donated by a composer who is also collaborating remotely.


Appointments available every hour within the performance window of 2–7PM. The videos run 50 minutes. You can see the program order here and in person and choose your arrival time accordingly within your one-hour appointment window.


Visitors will be masked and socially distanced, with limited capacity for every hour.



JUNE 3–19



$0-50 Suggested Donation

Hudson Square

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