January 30 - 31, 2023 - From 10:00pm - 1:00am

A long time resident of the West Village, Eve received much of her training in the Village, under the tutelage of guitar great Dave Van Ronk, as well as in the accompaniment of the great dames of Grove Street: Marie Blake, and Mable Godwin. She carries out her love affair with the American Songbook in a swinging fashion, and with the traditional joy of the traditional jazz era. Eve released an album of original songs (“In My Life and Times”) derived and dedicated to her studies with Dave Van Ronk. Continuing her guitar training with virtuosos Frank Christian and Roni Ben Hur, more recently she released “Wasn’t There A Dream”, an album of original and standard jazz tunes. A jazz singer, guitarist, and songwriter, Eve Silber performs a repertoire of standards and sub-standards regularly in and around New York City, including New York City’s oldest jazz club. Eve extends her music to good causes, eager students, and appreciative audiences.

Hudson Square

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