Film Forum Presents: THE SORROW AND THE PITY

February 24 - March 2, 2023 - All events start @1 or 6:20pm. EXCEPT the 27th starts only @1pm.

Directed by Marcel Ophuls
France/Switzerland/West Germany, 1969

The faces and stories from Ophuls’ epic of France under Nazi Occupation: farmers who shrug off their betrayal by neighbors; a cabaret performer determined to show that homosexuals could be as brave as other men; a former member of the French SS; a co-founder of the Resistance… Newsreels and film clips are intercut throughout, giving both a sense of the period, but also allowing us to see many of  the principals then and 30 years later, never more strikingly than in the juxtaposition of a middle-aged TV store owner with his younger self: the legendary “Colonel Gaspar,” as he salutes de Gaulle at the moment of Liberation. 

Hudson Square

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