Galvanize Workshop: What the Funnel? Pt. 1 & 2

June 5, 2019


Wednesdays, What the Funnel?!

Join us for a two-part series where marketing experts will help you strategically define and build your customer journey. An interactive series, attendees will walk away with actionable steps to build more effective marketing strategies.
May 29th: Cydney Familian will guide your strategy before customers even reach the funnel, helping you hone in on your brand’s story, audience, and marketing channels.
June 5th: The series concludes with Seth Familian, who will provide expertise on how to measure conversion across each piece of the funnel, unlock audience insights with cloud tools, and maximize customer retention with marketing automation.
If you are thinking “what is a funnel?” or “what the funnel?” this workshop is for you.
Members and guests are welcome to attend both or one of the sections.
Hudson Square

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