HERE Presents: Lacuna

May 24 - July 30, 2022 - 2-7PM

May 12-July 2

Tues- Fri, 2PM- 7PM

Lacuna: An unfilled space, a gap. These artists are indulging in their desires to lean into what it means to fill an opening, while revealing a point of sexual terrain. We often fear gaps, they can leave us afraid and vulnerable, but they are exploring corporal gaps with provocative underpinnings. The artists are weighing into filling the positive space of orifices, and what the possibility of replenishing them holds.

As she navigates through her personal exploration of lesbian sexual chemistry, Abbey Gilbert examines the ambiguous space between comfort and eroticism. Highlighting her magnetism towards nourishment and care, the work is driven by desire and longing, with particular emphasis on relationships with past and present lovers.

My maternal lineage, my unborn children and I, in a facetious manner, may have been suitable for fables starring egregious and brooding protagonists.

Hysteria in mythical context is often communicated via the damned and beguiling, which are emblematic of collective social anxieties surrounding “female” somatic function. Anna Romanofsky investigates how tropes of hysteria and themes of gestation manifest in Eastern European folklore and contemporary body horror, while often inserting herself into these narrative compounds.

Finding new entrances to the body requires patience, persistence and softness. The urge to destroy can be charming, even graceful if done with care. Acts of peeling, puncturing and rupturing are guiding Joni’s work to find new breeds of fluidity in her form, and awareness in her footing.

Hudson Square

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