HERE Presents: ORDER

August 10 - 12, 2023 - Thurs & Fri: 8:30pm, Sat 4pm

ORDER is an experimental play about the psyche of “The Girl” as she navigates a day in the life accompanied by her pet frog. In her realm, humanoid daemon creatures known as “Voidspawn” exist beyond good and evil. ORDER unravels as a twisted coming-of-age story exploring prophecy and inwardness, by means of an immersive audio-visual experience augmented by spatialized sound and intricate lighting. Inspired by magical realism, surrealism, and psychological horror, ORDER, is a physical theater piece stripped of live spoken dialogue. Instead, actors portray the narrative through miming and dance accompanied by real-time audio samples of pre-recorded speech, foley, and music. The theatrics embrace both the ultra-mundane and ultra-chaotic while the original score utilizes visceral soundscapes riddled with elements of ASMR, android vocals, folk guitar, and deconstructed club.

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Hudson Square

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