HERE presents: Spaceland

February 7, 2022 - 2-6 PM

Tues- Fri, 2 p.m.- 6 p.m.

Reservations required; please email

“SPACELAND” explores our relationship to the spaces that we occupy and the energy that we bring to those places, even when we aren’t present.  These constructed structures hold a sense of a collected history and evolution of memories felt even when barren.

Brooke DiDonato’s video “Home Sweet Home” blurs the boundaries of fiction by fusing a real life narrative with surreal, dreamlike elements. The dichotomy of life in suburbia isn’t as idealistic as it once appears.

With his series “Stages of Fallout”, Adam Liam Rose presents drawings that explore the violence and vulnerability of structures built for safety.  These ghostlike graphite drawings devoid of the persons built to protect are punctuated by crumbling structures and an eerie silence infusing contradicting feelings of both safety and horror.

The photographic and animated works of Kate Stone employ collage techniques and miniature sets to blur the line between two-dimensional and three-dimensional space, creating distorted interiors. “My work imagines the language of architecture, how it speaks and what it says, especially when we are not around to hear it.”  Stone uses tropes of ghost stories and American suburban horror as stand-ins for the anxiety that current world events bring into our personal lives and private spaces.

Ethan Shoshan’s series “Signs” present both public and private spaces in various states of gentrification over a 15-year span. Paying attention to the signs, the juxtaposition of context, abandoned storefronts and scaffolding present the emblematic of instabilities going on right in front of everyone daily.  The drawings are a meditative way of seeing and being present and capture private fleeting moments that make New York City special.

Hudson Square

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