Hudson Square Canvas: Foster Community and Create Public Art


September 24, 2019 - 5:45pm-7:30pm

Learn about a new public art initiative that’s creating community and enhancing the vibe along Varick Street.

About the event:

Hudson Square is an energizing and vibrant neighborhood of digital wizards, brilliant broadcasters, talented trendsetters, serious scientists and global brand beacons. It is where ambition meets action. Purpose-built and on a human scale, Hudson Square is engaging, inventive, industrious and vibrant.

Since 2009, the Hudson Square Business Improvement District (BID) has brought the creative energy from inside our neighborhood’s buildings out onto the streets with the creation of our innovative outdoor spaces and community programs. This year, we unveiled a new public art initiative, Hudson Square Canvas, that reinforces Varick Street as a pedestrian boulevard through a dynamic urban art gallery of large scale street art installations. Featuring 5 original artworks by 4 artists, the public art gallery tells the story of Hudson Square’s evolution as a neighborhood on the creating edge.

Join us on an art walk of our commissioned artworks using our digital art map and a tour guide. We will discuss the artwork as well as the unique challenges and purpose of creating art in the public realm, allowing attendees to experience the art and learn about this pedestrian focused placemaking initiative.

Attendees: Please meet us at 200 Varick Street by the first mural, Game Inside the Game. We will begin our tour there.

We will end our event in one of the Hudson Square BID’s public spaces, Freeman Plaza East, a site for one of the program’s art pieces. Using chalk (provided by HSBID) the adjacent plaza and sidewalk will become the canvas for the group to create their own collaborative public art piece.

Explore the canvases through our digital map and share your experiences to social with #hudsonsquarecanvas.

This event is free, to sign up and confirm a spot, use our eventbrite page here. 

Hudson Square

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