September 6 - 21, 2019

Nerds at Silicon Hills like to party. They’re in the middle of a celebration at their massive corporate headquarters when you join in the fun. As you order a free drink from the singing, computer-generated assistant built into your table, a swirl of operatic voices, EDM and crime jazz surrounds you. You are now inside a story of high-tech espionage and sultry romance where Edward Snowden meets Casablanca. Looking at You confronts surveillance capitalism and the erosion of individual privacy in a digitized world.

Looking at You Website

What the press has said about the show in development:
“Compelling drama, attractive music and a strikingly smart libretto. I’m excited to hear more, if ever offered the chance as a New Yorker!”Opera News

“Kamala tackles the implications of digital privacy laws through an energetic, playful score and interactive multimedia which draw the audience into the discussion on a very personal level; Rob Handel’s delightfully nerdy libretto makes this a killer trifecta.”WQXR

A HERE & Back Production, Co-Produced with Opera on Tap in association with Experiments in Opera
Run time: 80 minutes. A panel discussion with drinks follows every show.

Hudson Square

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