September 18 - October 1, 2019

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Wednesday, September 18 – Tuesday, October 1

“A documentary that feels like a modern-day message in a bottle, an urgent appeal for help from a family that’s still searching for a home.” (Scott Tobias, Variety) In 2015 the Taliban in Afghanistan call for the death of Hassan Fazili, a filmmaker who, with his wife, runs Kabul’s Art Café, a progressive meeting place. The family (including two young daughters) begin a harrowing 3500-mile, 3-year “journey to the edge of Hell,” across Iran, Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, and Serbia – ultimately arriving in Hungary. Utilizing only mobile phone cameras, they document the vicissitudes of illegal border crossings and hunger and cold, as they are abetted by smugglers who may or may not be trustworthy and the casual violence of local thugs. The most basic 21st century technology is employed to tell an extraordinary story of ordinary, decent people caught between Taliban terror and the inhumanity of Kafkaesque Western bureaucracies.

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