Passageways: Songs of Connection, Abnormal & Sublime

August 6 - 8, 2019

AUG 6-8

An original multimedia journey of music, art, story and humor as an unexpected passageway through crisis to home.

Passageways is an original multimedia fantastical one-woman musical theatre piece, with almost all elements created by the performer. Through art, music, humor, and a deep love of nature, a young woman with a wild passion for life and self-discovery forms a bold, new identity in spite of relentless adversity. Through the piece, she discovers that “home” cannot be re-found, but must be re-imagined as we are liberated through the creative telling and sharing of our stories. This unique theatrical experience is a compelling and uplifting journey through the physical and emotional repairs on the path to recovery, as the creativity of the artist is itself the passageway through profound crisis. There’s no way in, no way out, only through. So why not laugh, dance and paint our way towards the light?

An adventurous theatrical journey of original song, art, story and humor as an unexpected passageway through crisis to home, Passageways is written performed, composed, and with mixed media art created by Amy Oestreicher (Gutless and Grateful at 54 Below, RAINN & TEDx Talks) with musical direction and arrangements by Bob Goldstone and direction by Shellen Lubin. Performances of this new theatrical event will coincide with the launch of Amy Oestreicher’s new book My Beautiful Detour (Singing Tree Publishing, 2019), and a talk-back and book-signing will be held after each performance. Three performances of Passageways will be staged at HERE, 145 6th Avenue in New York City from August 6-8, 2019.

From Creator Amy Oestreicher:
These songs, texts and paintings were mostly created when I first lost my digestive system. I wrote nearly 40 songs in two months to process the events as they were unfolding, including the resurfacing memories of abuse by a trusted mentor. I journaled to rediscover the connection I had always found in nature. And I made art to paint the faces back onto trees – the friends who had always guided me. Although initially frightening, the journey ultimately proved empowering. We make our own meaning, myth and symbols to become the heroes of our own story.

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