Sound Bath Meditation


February 19, 2019


Join Arlo Hotel and Sound Practitioner Leslie McDonald on February 19th at 6:30pm for an evening sound bath that will help your mind, body and soul re-tune itself energetically. Sound is a powerful healing tool that promotes the flow of energy while calming the mind and raising your internal vibrations. Through the use of the gong, crystal singing bowls and a variety of chimes and other tools, sound will bring balance and peacefulness to the body. It will assist in relieving stress and bringing joy to your state of mind with a renewed sense of energy. You will feel a sense of deep relaxation that will ease anxiety, insomnia and chronic pain. Sound therapy is a full body experience where the frequencies can be internally felt! All you have to do is breathe, relax and allow the sound to wash over you bringing with it a sense of calm and relief. No past experience with meditation is required to fully enjoy a sound bath. In fact, the sound helps shift our way of thinking and perspective, similarly as using a mantra to meditate. It helps crowd out the noise of our daily lives through the immersion of sound and provides us with an opportunity to completely relax and be present. And don’t forget to enjoy those moments of silence. Sound is just as much about the noise as it is about the moments where we can just feel the people and things around us in total stillness. Sound is all around us and we just have to open our ears to enjoy it.

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Hudson Square

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