The Greene Space Presents: Get Lit with All Of It: Jennifer Egan

May 2, 2022

Everyone entering our venue must present proof that they have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Please review the current policies and safeguards we have put in place to keep everyone safe.

Get Lit is back in The Greene Space! Join Alison Stewart, host of WNYC’s All Of It, alongside bestselling authors and fellow book lovers on the air, online, and IN-PERSON for the first time since 2020. We’ll read books and share our progress on Instagram, and Alison will talk with a marquee author during a live event in The Greene Space. Can’t make to SoHo? You can always still livestream the event from the comfort of your home. April’s book pick is The Candy House by Jennifer Egan.

About This Month’s Book

Spanning decades, with an intricate plot and interconnected characters, The Candy House is that rare thing: a book that is both pure pleasure on the sentence level and wildly ambitious in scope. In these pages we meet a tech billionaire who ushers in a new age of enhanced digital sharing, the anthropologist who unwittingly enabled this new era, “eluders” who seek to retain privacy and discretion in the face of the onslaught, and the “proxies” who impersonate them, plus record producers, aging rock stars and movie stars, spies, publicists, writers, academics, mothers, fathers, and children. Set in San Francisco, New York City, suburban country clubs, a beatnik forest enclave, the desert, and the mysterious nation of X, with entwined characters and plot points that overlap with A Visit from the Goon Squad, this is a dazzling achievement.

How It Works

  • Join the Club. Follow our book club on the All Of It Instagram page, @ALLOFITWNYC. In our stories, you’ll find polls, questions, fun facts, comments, and snapshots of listeners reading along with us.
  • Get a copy of the book. Since, you know, it’s a book club. Buy a copy from your local independent bookseller, or download a free, 3-week e-book copy from New York Public Library!
  • Reach out to a friend, and read along with Alison and the All Of It team.
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