The Stoop — Live

May 6, 2019


(Above photo credit: The Stoop)

Join us for a live taping of The Stoop with special guest Glory Edim, founder of book club-turned-online community Well-Read Black Girl.

The award-winning podcast tells stories from across the Black diaspora and the hosts are proof that Black is not a monolith: Leila Day is African-American, Hana Baba is Sudanese-American. Drawing from their varied life experiences, they dig into the stuff Black people talk about, but not enough. Using journalism, storytelling and the funkiest music around, they explore questions like: Why’s it so hard for some Black folk to say, “I love you”? Why’d my Mama really make me stay out of the sun? I’m African, but am I Black? And, what’s a hotep anyway?

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Hudson Square

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