Ticket to…Afghanistan

February 11, 2020

Ticket To…Explore the World with the Alignist Book Club

Tuesday February 11 2020 • 7:00pm – 8:30pm
Available for live streaming

Get a taste of a faraway place right here in our intimate studio space. Using a novel as a launching pad, Ticket To explores a nation through its history, cuisine and culture.

This month, we travel to Afghanistan through the lens of Nadia Hashimi’s novel, A House Without Windows, with host Beenish Ahmed, founder of The Alignist book club and subscription service. The novel looks at women in this traditional culture through the eyes of a woman who is jailed after her husband is brutally murdered and she can offer no alibi. As she awaits trial, she learns the stories of the women who are behind bars with her and discovers a unique sisterhood with them.

We will talk to Nadia Hashimi, Afghan American poet Zohra Saed, Afghan pianist Elham Fanous as well as Amy Waldman, who covered the beginning the war in Afghanistan in 2001 for the New York Times. Her latest novel, A Door in the Earth, explores the complex relationship between the US and Afghanistan. Additional guests will be announced soon.

Reading the assigned novel in advance of the event is highly recommended, but not at all required to enjoy the show. Learn more about The Alignist and how to subscribe here.

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