We the Commuters: Biking NYC

July 11, 2019

Thursday July 11 2019 • 7:00pm – 8:15pm
Available for live streaming

We the Commuters comes to you live-in-studio with a night of news you can use, Missed Connection Theatre and performances by some incredible street-level talent.   

The focus for the first show? Biking. 

Advocates, politicians, experts and NYPD officers will talk bike lanes vs. parking spaces, e-bikes, delivery guys, Citi Bike and more. Think you know how to bike in NYC? We’ll put your knowledge to the test, whether you’re an expert rider or simply bike-curious. 

WNYC and Gothamist reporters Shumita Basu, Jake Offenhartz, Stephen Nessenand Chris Robbins host the evening with guests Jing Wang, the filmmaker behind the documentary “A Winter With Delivery Workers” and Shabazz Stuart, an urban transportation advocate and CEO of Oonee, a startup that has developed a smart, scalable mobility hub for bikes, bikeshare and scooters.

Plus, comedians Colin Burgess (Adult Swim) and Aida Osman (Wild n Out) will be sharing real Craiglist Missed Connections.

Learn more here. 

Hudson Square

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