How to Go Green in Hudson SquareHow to Go Green in Hudson SquareSometimes it’s the small things that mean the most – so instead of doing a lot for one day, what is the simple act of green that you can sustain over time to make a difference? Here are a few ideas to inspire you.View
Getting to Know Hudson SquareGetting to Know Hudson SquareWelcome to our ultimate guide to Hudson Square! Discover the district’s rich history, vibrant art scene, and charming open spaces that define our neighborhood. View
Neighborhood Deals in Hudson SquareNeighborhood Deals in Hudson SquareExplore exclusive neighborhood promotions and local deals!View
Small Businesses in Hudson SquareSmall Businesses in Hudson SquareFrom charming restaurants to unique shops, each storefront in our neighborhood tells a story. Here’s our guide to the small businesses in Hudson Square.View
Cozy Workspaces: Cafes in Hudson SquareCozy Workspaces: Cafes in Hudson SquareHere’s some of the best cafes to be productive in the neighborhood…and maybe grab a selfie.View
Eat + Drink Locally in Hudson SquareEat + Drink Locally in Hudson SquareHudson Square is like a small town – walk to highly-rated restaurants and local bars in just a few minutes. View
Cultural Organizations in Hudson SquareCultural Organizations in Hudson SquareFeed your mind at one of Hudson Square's cultural organizations.View
Health in Hudson SquareHealth in Hudson SquareFrom health resources to self-care, there are plenty of options available right here in Hudson Square!View
Holiday Caterers and Event SpacesHoliday Caterers and Event SpacesPlanning a holiday party or event? Find the perfect venue, caterer or both below!View
Happy Hour in Hudson SquareHappy Hour in Hudson SquareGet drinks after work at one of your Hudson Square Favorites! View
Hudson Square: Office Outdoors Hudson Square: Office Outdoors Take a break from the office and find a place to work outside! View
Desserts in Hudson SquareDesserts in Hudson SquareWho says you can't eat dessert first? View
Hudson Square Trees: Walking GuideHudson Square Trees: Walking GuideDiscover all kinds of new trees with this walking guide! View
Hudson Square: Meeting Rooms Hudson Square: Meeting Rooms Want to take your board or staff meetings to the next level? Book one of these meeting rooms! View
Hudson Square: Snack and Work Hudson Square: Snack and Work Want to grab a bite to eat while you work? Check out one of these places. View
Cozy Drinks in Hudson SquareCozy Drinks in Hudson SquareLooking for a hot and cozy drink? You've come to the right place! View
Hudson Square

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