8 Years of Freeman Plaza West

Freeman Plaza West -prior to HSBID renovations 
Freeman Plaza West - 2013 renovations 
Freeman Plaza West - 2018 renovations 
Freeman Plaza West 2021 

May 14, 2021

Eight years ago, when we imagined a relaxing lunch spot, we didn’t envision sitting amid Holland Tunnel traffic. But today, Freeman Plaza West is one of our favorite places to put our feet up and take a break.

We opened the park in May 2013, when Hudson Square itself was in the middle of a transformation. The neighborhood was no longer Manhattan’s industrial printing district, but it was still growing into its new identity as a creative hub for the city. Creating Freeman Plaza West was an important step in creating welcoming public space in Hudson Square and bringing the creative energy of the buildings outside.

Today as the city recovers and reopens, Freeman Plaza West is here to welcome visitors back to the neighborhood. The space can accommodate social distancing for returning office workers, new visitors, and the residents who call Hudson Square home.

Come lounge, mingle, and enjoy the spring air in Freeman Plaza West. The park is open Monday through Friday from 8 AM until dusk.

Hudson Square

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