A Simple Act of Green Guide

April 3, 2023

Happy Earth Month!

Sometimes it’s the small things that mean the most – so instead of doing a lot for one day, what is the simple act of green that you can sustain over time to make a difference? Here are a few ideas to inspire you…

Simple things to do in everyday life:

  • Add reusable eating utensils to your everyday
  • Add reusable straws to your everyday
  • Carry a reusable bag
  • Avoid products with microbeads
  • Compost your leftovers
  • Use public transportation  or bike (we are in NYC!!)
  • Use a microwave over a conventional oven when possible

Simple things to do in your everyday digital life:

  • Emails
    • Unsubscribe from newsletters you no longer read (and if you still receive paper junk mail you definitely need to unsubscribe)
    • Send links instead of attachments when possible
    • Empty your inbox regularly to reduce data storage
    • Store data locally, use the cloud as little as possible
  • Reduce streaming – Wi-Fi uses 4 to 10x less energy than data use
  • Store big files on external hard drives rather than on the Cloud
  • Use fewer devices and renewable energy sources
  • Power down your laptop and electrics when not in use

Ideas to implement with your office:

  • Run a competition to reduce the use or waste of an item from electricity to food waste
  • Organize a team to restore neighborhood trees
  • Organize to donate food surplus to homeless shelters or other sustainable programs
  • Organize a clothing swap
  • Coordinate an indoor garden (or pledge to increase indoor plants)

Calculate your food-print and make one small change.

Test your knowledge on topics from Climate change to transportation at TEDEd Earth School and make a small change.




52 Ways To Invest In Our Planet.

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