A Wish for the World: A Thousand Cranes by the Hudson Square Community


May 31, 2018

Deriving from an ancient Japanese legend, making a strand of one thousand origami cranes has become symbolic of an international movement for peace, happiness and health. This summer, we are launching The Thousand Cranes of Hudson Square, a team-building/public art project in which our community will create one thousand origami cranes that will adorn the fence surrounding one of our popular seasonal plazas – Freeman Plaza West (Hudson Street between Watts + Broome Streets) and send wishes to the world.

The Thousand Cranes of Hudson Square is a fun and easy team building opportunity for your full time staff and summer interns. Teams of all sizes can participate in as little as 30 minutes and help us transform a humdrum view of traffic into a beautiful piece of art and a symbol of hope.

For instructions on how to create an origami paper crane, please view a tutorial on Youtube here, or HSC can provide a person on site during your session to demonstrate and assist.

Groups of all sizes:
• Team leader signs up their company/group with HSC
• HSC delivers materials and instructions
• Team comes up with their theme and the wishes to include on their cranes
• The group then folds their cranes and writes one wish on each crane (the wishes can be visible or hidden in a fold)
• When completed, HSC will pick up the final cranes and remaining supplies, and install on the fence with a sign that says: Wish for the world by the members of COMPANY NAME

A Wish for the World: A Thousand Cranes by the Hudson Square Community will run from July onwards.

Email us to learn more about the program or to reserve your team now:

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