Business Spotlight: Maman King


June 23, 2021

This spring, we welcomed a new restaurant to Hudson Square, Maman King. Located at 205 Hudson Street, Maman offers the perfect excuse to treat yourself to a delicious breakfast, lunch, and brunch. We can’t wait to try the blackberry lemonade spritzer described below. Bon appetit!

What sets your restaurant apart from others? What do patrons love most about your restaurant?
At Maman, we pride ourselves on being a home away from home.  Our founders, Ben and Elisa, were inspired by their mom’s home cooking (maman means “mother” in French!), and we strive to bring that same feeling of comfort and warmth to our customers on a daily basis. Our menu is a balance of fresh yet hearty salads, seasonal plates, delicious baked goods, and specialty drinks that you won’t find anywhere else. Specific to Maman King, we wanted to bring the outdoors in and create a lush garden atmosphere for our guests.

What’s your favorite dish/drink on the menu?
A favorite on our new summer menu is the Henrietta salad: green beans, roasted chickpeas & shallots, fresh basil, walnuts, figs, and goat cheese with a honey truffle vinaigrette. Our most popular summer drink is the blackberry lemonade spritzer with a homemade blackberry mint sauce, fresh lemon juice, and sparkling water over ice. It’s so refreshing!

What makes Hudson Square a great place to do business?
The community is so welcoming and inclusive. We opened during the pandemic, and have felt so much support from our neighbors and those within Hudson Square. We’re really happy to be a part of the neighborhood.

What is your favorite thing to do in Hudson Square?
Walking around! It may sound cliché, but walking through the streets is the best way to notice the new restaurants, quickly poke your head into a boutique, or just take in all of the sights and sounds of Hudson Square.


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