City Issues A Winter Storm Watch: 12/16-12/17

December 15, 2020

The National Weather Service has issued the following winter storm watch for the NYC area:

  • 2pm on Wednesday 12/16 – 1pm on Thursday 12/17
  • Heavy snow possible.  Total snow accumulations of 8-14 inches possible.  Roads may be dangerous.  Use mass transit if possible

While the BID will continue to share information, we encourage you to sign up for these alerts at NotifyNYC or follow them on Twitter.

Click here to read the full alert.

The City has specific guidance for restaurants in the event of a snow event like the one they are issuing.  For all requirements please refer to the Open Restaurant page.

According to NYC’s shoveling law:

  • If snow stops falling between 7am and 5pm, sidewalks must be cleared within four hours
  • If snow stops falling between 5pm and 9pm, sidewalks must be cleared within 14 hours
  • If snow stops falling between 9pm and 7am, sidewalks must be cleared by 11am

During an active snow alert:

  • Diners may not sit in roadway setups.  Please remove and secure any tables and chairs
  • All electrical heaters in roadway setups must be removed
  • If possible, remove any overhead coverings or regularly remove the snow until the snow alert ends

Forecasts of 12″ or more:

  • Remove or consolidate your roadway setups to have as small a footprint as possible along the curb
  • If you’re unable to remove or consolidate your roadway setup, you are encouraged to take steps to protect your asset from damage due to snow removal operations. The Dept. of Sanitation (DSNY) has conducted training exercises that included simulated snow removal operations on narrow streets with roadway setups on both sides.  DSNY will conduct targeted outreach to restaurants to ensure setups meet NYC Dept. of Transportation siting criteria and that roads can be efficiently plowed and remain passable
  • Use your snow sticks to increase visibility of your setup components if they are moved

At this time, the City is not asking restaurants to remove any barriers or structures for roadway dining.  Please prepare accordingly.

Hudson Square

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