Councilmember Erik Bottcher & Hudson Square BID Unveil New Measures to Keep Streets Clean

Photo Credit: CM Erik Bottcher's Office 

July 13, 2023

New Bigbelly trash compactors, Smart Composting Bin, and Clean Curb containers reduce waste on sidewalks and keep City streets clean and safe. 

This month, the Hudson Square BID and the New York City Department of Sanitation (DSNY) unveiled improved Clean Curbs bins, Bigbelly compacting litter baskets, and a DSNY Smart Composting Bin, all of which will help the neighborhood maintain a clean and tidy appearance.  

The BID worked with DSNY to identify locations throughout the area to help reduce on-street clutter and overflowing bins, installing eight new Bigbelly litter baskets with built-in compactors along the Hudson Street corridor. Additionally, the BID worked with the Department of Sanitation to install a new Smart Composting Bin on the corner of Dominick Street and Little Sixth Avenue. This bin – one of nearly 400 now installed citywide – allows residents to drop off their leaf and yard waste, food scraps, or food-soiled paper 24/7 using an app, and exists as a companion to the citywide curbside composting program currently expanding across the five boroughs. 

A new, sealed, rodent-proof Clean Curbs container now occupies former parking spaces at Spring Street and Greenwich Street. In an effort to keep garbage bags off sidewalks and away from hungry rodents, DSNY, in collaboration with the NYC Department of Transportation (NYC DOT), introduced the Clean Curbs Pilot Program in April of 2022. Clean Curbs allows private entities, such as Business Improvement Districts, the opportunity to install sealed, rodent-proof containers on City property.   

Recent changes to the original design were made to address issues that arose during the initial pilot and to improve container maintenance and operation practices. The new version of the Clean Curbs bin is vinyl-wrapped and cleaned more regularly to improve sidewalk cleanliness and collection efficiency. The Department of Sanitation also recently completed a major study of potential go-forward strategies for containerization, which can be read here. 

The BID’s existing Clean Ambassador program deploys a team seven days a week to maintain neighborhood greenspaces, streets, sidewalks, and parks– collecting 750-800 full trash bags per month on average. The BID’s partnership with DSNY builds upon their efforts to collaborate with local government to improve the street-level experience for the people who work, live, and visit Hudson Square. DSNY is also a key neighborhood stakeholder with two facilities within the BID’s boundaries.  

“Getting trash off our sidewalks is the future, and this is another important step,” said Council Member Erik Bottcher.

“The status quo of mountains of trash bags impeding our sidewalks and serving as a buffet for rats is unacceptable. I’m grateful that the Hudson Square BID and DSNY have partnered to make this common sense improvement for New Yorkers.”

“We are thrilled to partner with DSNY to bring these programs to Hudson Square,” said Samara Karasyk, CEO of the Hudson Square BID.  “Through private/public partnerships like this one, we are able to innovate public space. Using our streets in different ways, testing out what makes sense, and rolling out new solutions is critical as we work to create a more livable, people-focused city for the future.” 

By Marina Hansen,

Hudson Square

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