Halloween Street Closures

October 24, 2022

The Halloween Parade starts right here in Hudson Square!  While the parade doesn’t officially start till after 6pm, many of our streets will be affected much earlier in the day.  Click HERE for a PDF with Street closures, subway access, and a map.




  • Dominick Street closed (6-V)
  • CitiBike stations at both Spring Street Park and Duarte Square will be locked beginning around 10am on Halloween until the following day.  Commuters will not be able to dock bikes at either of these locations/nor will bikes be available for pick up.  If you commute using CitiBike we recommend you find alternative locations and arrive early.


  • Spring – Broome Street closed (6-V)


  • All streets closed between Houston to Canal

                                Exceptions:         Houston for emergency vehicles

                                                                Watts for busses (NYPD says busses are ok, parade says no)


  • Parade route closed (Canal to 16th St.) – NO CROSS TOWN TRAFFIC ALLOWED THRU UNTIL 9:30 PM

C/E Subway       

  • After 5:45 there will be limited access to the C/E trains at Spring Street.
  • Pedestrians will not be able at Spring St. to cross 6th Avenue (east/west). 
  • From previous years, we recommend accessing the A/C/E at Canal Street or crossing at Houston Street for the West 4th Street station before 4pm to avoid the crowds.
Hudson Square

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