Heartbeat of Hudson Square: Share Your Story

January 7, 2021

Hudson Square is one of the most energizing locations in NYC.  There is an energy that courses through our buildings and streets that makes our community special.  But the heart and soul of any community are the people; in Hudson Square they are the special sauce that create the energy and excitement.

While the pandemic has affected our community, there have been people in our neighborhood who have continued to provide services that benefitted our community and the city at large.  They are creating PPE or treatments to aid in the larger Covid response, constructing new buildings with an eye to the future, to the people on the ground keeping our neighborhood safe and clean.  They are doers and thinkers who reflect the best qualities of people, but to us, they are the foundation of our neighborhood – they are the Hudson Square Heartbeat.

As our neighborhood continues to come back to work, we will highlight the people who are here, and are returning, all playing the part of rebuilding and reenergizing, providing the heartbeat of Hudson Square. While we see many of our community members working tirelessly to keep our neighborhood running, we are also aware that there are many people who support Hudson Square that we do not see daily.

We want to hear your stories. If you, or someone you know deserves to be highlighted, please email us the story and how this person went above and beyond during the pandemic for their business, for their people, or for their community.

Hudson Square

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