Hudson Square Spotlight: Adoro Lei

June 11, 2021

June 11, 2021

As businesses returns to normal in Hudson Square, our local retailers are excited to welcome you back to the neighborhood.  Allow us to reintroduce Adoro Lei, located at 287 Hudson Street, and their executive chef Mario Gentile.

What sets your restaurant apart from others?/What do patrons love most about your restaurant?
There are two guiding principles that we have dedicated ourselves to since the inception of Adoro Lei (before it even had a name). We wanted to provide world class Pizza in two styles, both NY and Neapolitan. Our Chef studied Pizza making with legends throughout his career. From Brooklyn to Italy, Michelin Star Chefs and Certified Master Pizzaiolo’s. We brought that experience together with the best ovens and ingredients available to serve top ranked pizza in both styles. The second guiding principle was to create a new style of Pizza Restaurant. One that had a sophisticated and fun environment, where the Pizza Party was happening at all times, for all ages. We did not want a Pizza parlor, or a white cloth fine dining establishment. We wanted a welcoming establishment, that served pizza, but the vibe induced an equally heightened experience through site and sound.  Our patrons love congregating at the bar after work, or throwing birthday dinners for an intimate group, or larger ones in our private room, Heaven Below. We’ve always taken pride in our reviews being split between taste and ambiance.

What’s your favorite dish/drink on the menu?
We combine the Neapolitan & New York style pizza to recreate a unique style of pizza. Using the high quality ingredients accustomed to the Neapolitan style and the crispy thin crust New Yorkers are accustomed to; equaling an airy, but crispy crust with mouth-watering toppings which are all prepared in house daily in our custom wood-burning oven.

What makes Hudson Square a great place to do business?
Hudson Square is the perfect NYC neighborhood. It holds all the history of a City that has had a tremendous global impact for generations. Some of our neighbors are part of families that have been here since the oldest bar in NYC was opened here in 1770! Now one of the great trademarks of the neighborhood is that a large part of the real estate is inhabited by Creative Agencies. Some of the best on the planet. We count our customers as these incredibly transformative and innovative individuals that are transforming culture. From Advertising, to Fashion, Art and Publishing, it has truly injected an amazing clientele that visits us regularly. The combination of all these unique and diverse people have formed our true identity.

What is your favorite thing to do in Hudson Square?
Our favorite thing to do in Hudson Square is collaborate and mingle with the events happening here. There have been great street fairs, and events in the parks that we have gotten to participate in. The neighborhood BID in Hudson Square is super active, and always planning for great opportunities to come together and enhance moments like Halloween, Cinco de Mayo, Christmas and beyond. It’s like one big happy family.

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