Mental Health Awareness Month in Hudson Square

May 3, 2019

This May is Mental Health Awareness Month, a time where people come together to talk about mental health and try and break down the stigma surrounding mental illness. In Hudson Square, our local companies are leading the conversation and promoting ways that people can take control of and care for their well being.

Companies focused on health:

Hudson Square’s health focused companies are leading the way for innovative healthcare. Oscar Health, (headquartered at One Hudson Square) strives to make healthcare more user friendly and approachable for patients. Oscar’s platform also allows their customers to manage their mental health through their plan. Their mental health benefits are built into every plan they offer, including benefits that help manage anxiety, treat depression, cope with day-to-day stress and more. Everyday Health, headquartered at 345 Hudson Street, is a education platform for patients and providers. In 2018, Everyday Health launched The United States of Stress Report Featuring New Survey Findings and Declaring Chronic Stress A National Epidemic. Their content continues to inspire and empower people to live their healthiest lives and educate themselves on their physical and mental health. WebMD, the online publishing platform for health, provides information and education resources to patients with mental health questions.

Companies promoting Self-Care:

Many of Hudson Square’s online retail companies focus on self love and self care, two important components of mental health.  Dia & Co, a female founded startup that focuses on plus size fashion is headquartered in Hudson Square and pushed the envelope for the fashion industry’s body inclusivity. Their PS platform provides women an online community to share their stories of self care and empower each other to embrace self love. Similarly, Glossier, the millennial cosmetics company headquartered at 161 Avenue of the Americas, has used their platform to promote self love. Their viral campaign, Body Hero, depicted woman of all shapes and backgrounds with the message of loving your self and your body.

Companies changing the conversation around mental health:

Hudson Square is a hub for media companies driving forward conversations on mental health. WNYC’s podcast, Breaking Point, explores New York’s Mental Health Crisis and examines the nexus of poverty, mental health and the criminal justice system. In 2018 the advertising firm Concentric Health Experience launched a campaign for Sage Therapeutics titled “Silence Sucks”. The campaign sparked a conversation on postpartum depression through images of woman sucking on baby pacifiers. The images were meant to symbolize both the silent suffering that many new mothers endure as a result of postpartum depression and the harmful effects it can have on the mother-infant relationship.

While many companies continue to work towards a society with proper help for those in need and to speak openly about mental health issues, there is still a long way to go. If you are in need, don’t struggle alone and reach out to NYC Well for help, NYC’s 24 hour free and confidential hotline service. Call 1-888-NYC-WELL.


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