Outdoor Dining on Hudson Square Parklets Now Available!


July 15, 2020

As New York slowly begins to reopen, you may have seen more life on Manhattan streets. People are beginning to see family, go to work, and take mass transit. One way that New York City is carefully handling recovery is through the Open Restaurants Initiative which enables food and beverage operators to expand seating onto the sidewalk and adjacent roadway.

The Hudson Square Business Improvement District is doing our part to help with recovery. Many of the eligible restaurants working tirelessly to return will be teaming up with us to bring parklets to their storefronts. Parklets are outdoor spaces that make it safer for life to resume in the neighborhood. Reminiscent of out Street Seat program, people will be able to spend time outdoors safely and distanced.

With our parklets, we are trying to bring a little bit of the Hudson Square uniqueness and color into the equation. Each will be painted, and colorful signs and planters will be placed so that these parklets blend into the colorful identity of Hudson Square.

Right now, there are three operational sites for the parklets with more to come:

Adoro Lei – 287 Hudson Street
Houseman – 508 Greenwich Street
Getting Hungry – 225 Varick Street


Hudson Square

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