Resources for Restaurants

September 23, 2020

As outdoor dining continues, and indoor dining begins again, The NYC Department of Small Business Services has released a list of resources that can be used for restaurants that are already open or plan on reopening upon the return of indoor dining .


Open Restaurants Virtual Compliance Consultations

The NYC Department of Small Business Services offers one-on-one free virtual compliance consultations to help businesses understand how to comply with key City rules. The virtual consultations will help businesses understand common compliance challenges related to the Open Restaurants Program. Violations or fines will not be issued during the consultations.


Avoid fines and violations – SBS offers no-cost compliance consultations to help you understand how to comply with key City rules and regulations to avoid receiving common violations. SBS does not issue violations or fines – we are here to help you understand the rules.


Commercial lease assistance – SBS offers free legal services to eligible businesses when signing, amending, renewing, or terminating a commercial lease


“MEND NYC” Program for Hospitality Industry Mediation Launched

The Mayor announced MEND NYC, a program to provide mediation to New Yorkers and hospitality businesses across the city who are in disputes over quality-of-life issues. This is a free, innovative alternative that can bring lasting solutions to longstanding local issues that have been laid bare by the COVID-19 crisis, which has caused an increase in complaints to 311.

SBS Hotline: 888 SBS4NYC

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