Street closures – 570 Washington Construction

March 30, 2023

570 Washington Street (180 Clarkson Street), is a 170,000 square foot development site bounded by West Houston -Washington – Clarkson – West Side Highway.

Beginning March 27, equipment was delivered to begin building a construction fence to contain the site.

Per Department of Building requirements, a construction fence will enclose the construction logistical space, which includes the sidewalks on the south side of Clarkson (between West and Washington Streets), and the closure of the west side of Washington Street (between West Houston Street and Clarkson Street).

A protected pedestrian walkway will be installed on the east side of West Street (between West Houston Street and Clarkson Street) and the north side of West Houston Street (between West Street and Washington Street).

Work hours of operations are anticipated 7am-6pm, Monday – Friday.

Pedestrian, bicycle, and vehicular routes will remain open around the construction site.

For questions, concerns or to be added to the construction mailing list, please contact:


Hudson Square

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